Why Boxing

Whether you prefer to be part of a group or work out one-on-one, boxing has many benefits:


Pride Box 2020

The first ever LGBTQI+ inclusive Box fit boxing classes, Boxing workshops and one on one boxing training here in Aotearoa. Its open, safe and inclusive to all LGBTQI+ Whanau and allies and is aimed at building a strong, confident and empowered community while breaking down stigma and discrimination within the boxing industry one punch at a time. Bridging the gap and opening up gym spaces to be more inclusive. 


Ardon England and the BoxingCentral team have decided to merge Pride Box classes into normal Boxing Central boxing classes to create a fully inclusive space. Ardon teaches Wednesday 5.30pm class and Tuesday 6am class. We encourage anyone wanting to be apart of Pride Box and to come to these classes, however all classes at the gym are open and friendly. Pride Box workshops will be held throughout the year so keep an eye out on Boxing Centrals website and the Pride Box Facebook and Instagram pages.  Ardon is also available to run Pride Box and Boxing workshops anywhere around the country, for Pride weeks and any other Pride/diversity or general fitness workshop forums. 


Let’s promote a united community, and create a non-judgemental outlet for positive mental health. No experience is necessary.

One On One Training 

If you prefer to work individually to improve your fitness, I am available for one-on-one boxing fitness sessions. This is an excellent way to reach your fitness goals. Sessions can be held anywhere you feel comfortable - a park, your house or at Boxing central - 41/43 Boston Road, Mount Eden, Auckland.

Email Ardon for inquires

Time: 60mins Price: $50

Time: 45mins Price: $45

Time: 30mins Price: $40

  • Build confidence and self esteem

  • Improve total body strength and power

  • Enhance cardiovascular health

  • Improve hand-eye coordination

  • Decrease stress

  • Improve body composition

  • Increase muscle tone

  • Build strong bones and ligaments

  • Improve core stability

  • Fun boxing-based workouts and drills

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Ardon England 

122i Newton Road

Eden Terrace, Auckland 1010

Tel: 021-046-8839​

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