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The Vulvas 

The Vulvas, Pauline Hiroti and Kaylee Morrison, are Ardon’s right hand and left hand girls. A

massive part of the creative process when creating live shows, they bring an exciting, sexy and

energetic dance element to the live performances.

The Vulvas are the gateway to pleasure lighting up the stage with their hard hitting moves and

fierce performance style. They, alongside Ardon, create perfect high energy performance art to

entertain you.


















Dance Career

Ardon England has been in the dance industry for 21 years - his dad enrolled him into dance
classes when he was 10 years old and he became a member of the first ever NZ Youth Salsa
team until the age of 15, travelling around the world representing Aotearoa.
From there, Ardon became a dance teacher for the YMCA Whanganui where he taught primary
and intermediate school children.
Ardon took a few years break from dance until he saw the role of Dance Teacher advertised at
Rutherford School and realised it was time to get back to his passion. He was offered the
position and was at the school for a year until “Black Grace" came to Whanganui to perform.

This show was very emotional for Ardon and ignited further his passion for creative learning and
personal development and, after applying for dance programmes around Aotearoa, he was
quickly accepted into the intensive two week dance training with Okareka Dance Company. He
farewelled the wonderful Rutherford School, packed his bags and left for the two week
programme in Auckland. Of course he had no idea that Taane Mete, one of the founders of
Okareka Dance Company and one of Aotearoa’s best male dancers, would soon ask him to
collaborate and create a duet for a show called “Night of the Queer” that ran for seven nights at
Tapac Theatre. He jumped at the opportunity and they went on to perform the duet at several
different shows including The Gaba Gala alongside some of NZ best performers such as The
Topp Twins and Annie Crummer.

It was at one of the “Night of the Queer” shows, that Ardon was scouted by Carrie Rae, then the
director of Tempo, Aotearoa's largest dance festival. Ardon was asked to pitch an idea for a
show under “Fresh” which was a spot for emerging choreographers to create their own piece.
Ardon saw that Tempo had largely been highly contemporary based works and decided to do
something different. He draws a lot from his own experiences, especially as a queer person in
Aotearoa. His show “FIERCE” was hard hitting choreography using Beyonce’s music to help
narrate the story, that told of one's struggle with identity, learning to step into ones self and
finding the confidence within. With four women dancers accompanying him on stage, the piece
had an underlying message of equality of the sexes. It was the first of its kind at the Tempo
dance festival and opened the doors for more dance styles to be included in the festival in the
following years.

Ardon has gone on to create his own sell out show “You Don't Own Me” - a multi act show with four other artists, highlighting the shame we carry around our sexuality. This ran over four
weeks and each show was a sell out. Ardon prides himself
on creating multifaceted works
usually drawn from his own life experiences. He has performed, and continues to create, strong
and high energy works for festivals, galas, openings, and many other creative events.
Ardon is super excited to bring dance and performance into his new music career, creating a
live performance element to the house/dance music scene… watch this space!


Ardon England 



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